Drop in visits are perfect for any type of pet in their own homes, wilst you are away on holiday.

Our pet sitters, Holly and Ceri have a wealth of knowledge and can cater to a range of different pets including reptiles, fish, birds and invertebrates.

Our standard drop in service is one or two visits per day, each lasting up to 30 minutes.  Included in our visits we will feed, clean and give your pet attention.  Other services include watering plants and putting out household bins, at no extra cost.

Other drop in services include puppy and dog visits while you are at work, to enable your dog or puppy to have some playtime, being fed and toileted.

Puppy visits are a great way for our pet sitters to bond with your new puppy before they are old enough to go on dog walks.

Cared4pets also offers on a limited basis, short overnight stays for dogs that are not suitable for home boarding or kennels.

This can be discussed through on contact.