Our Dog Walking Service can be tailored to your dogs needs. We provide you with both ‘group’ or ‘solo’ walks.

‘Group’ walks consist of no more than 6 dogs at any one time, complying with guidelines set by the Northamptonshire County Council.

We will collect your dog(s) from their own home in our specially adapted vehicle and take them for a walk lasting 60 minutes, depending on the walk your pet(s) need.

All dogs are first introduced carefully and assessed if they are suitable for ‘group walks and if so, which dogs they can join. This is a very important process as some dogs may upset the balance of the ‘pack’.

‘Solo’ walks are suitable for dogs who do not mix with other dogs or have other special requirements. ‘Solo’ walks usually last 30 minutes and are taken on lead from your home. However, these dogs can be taken to a park, depending on their temperament and behaviour.

All poo bags are provided by us along with any toys or treats.

After our walk your dog(s) are transported back to their own homes, fully exercised and ready for a much earned nap.